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May 03 2022

6 Creative Ways to Accessorise with Body Chains.

Lovisa jewelry body chain

No chain, no gain! Chains may be a classic accessory, but the trend of the moment is to wear them in new and creative ways. How very modern!

Pray tell, what modern marvels do we speak of? From your ankle to your wrist, your head to your waist – let us count the ways to wear body chains!

1. Anklets

Lovisa jewelry body chain

We’ll start off with an easy one! Wearing anklets is a cute and cheeky way to show off your footwear, and they make sandal styles all the more stylish. Go for glamourous diamantes and pearls for a dressier look or embrace 90s trends and opt for pieces with beads and charms. Shop them here.

2. Full-Body Chains

Lovisa jewelry body chain

Get the full effect! Full body chains can be incorporated into your outfit, changing the overall effect of your look and giving it an edgy finish. Wear them to dress up casual outfits, or to dress down formalwear.

Lovisa jewelry body chain

3. Hand Chains

Lovisa jewelry body chain

Wrap your paws around these! At first glance, hand chains look like a bracelet – but they extend and connect to one of your fingers, providing a cute and cheeky little detail. Hand chains make a statement while keeping the overall look minimalist. 


4. Head Chains

Lovisa jewelry body chain

Take a glam look to the next level! You’ve probably spotted people sporting head chains formal events, but why not incorporate them into everyday wear? Keep your look sleek and stylish to strike the right note, and match your head chain tone to your other jewellery – go for daintier styles to tie the look together.

Lovisa jewelry body chain

5. Waist Chains

Lovisa jewelry body chain

What a waist! Waist chains are especially relevant now that bare midriff looks are back in the trends! They’re similar to belts but they’re designed to sit fitted across your waist – rather than chain belts which are often designed to have a drape effect. Waist chains also sit higher up your torso – on your waist rather than around your hips.  They can be worn with both casual and formal looks, and give your outfit that little something extra!

Lovisa jewelry body chain

6. Chain Belts

Lovisa jewelry body chain

Whether you wear them fitted and taut like a traditional belt or draped loosely over your clothing – chain belts are a chic and classic way to incorporate metal elements into your outfit!

Lovisa jewelry body chain

Opt for fitted styles with more structed outfits, and choose draped belts for looser, flowy outfits. Shop them here


There you have it! Six cute and contemporary ways to wear chains all over your body – not just around your neck and wrist! Have a play with styles that suit you and tag #MyLovisaStyle to show off your creativity. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

With love,


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