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Feb 27 2023

From bandeau tops to hair accessories 

Scarves are versatile accessories and wardrobe staples that can be worn all year round. The much-loved accessory is a popular accent piece that can be styled in different ways, becoming a go-to accessory no longer reserved for just around the neck!  

Discover unique and popular ways to style your favorite scarves, from creating a makeshift bandeau top to adding flair to your everyday hairstyle.  

Scarf Tops & Bandeaus  


Who says scarves are just for keeping your neck warm? For a chic and on-trend summer look, turn your silk scarf into a bandeau top. 

Bandeau tops have gained popularity and recent years, making a resurgence from its popularity in the ‘90s and early ‘2000s.  

What about: It-girls like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner styled their scarves as bandeau tops, pairing it with a baggy pant for a quintessential 'model off duty' silhouette. 

To achieve the trending scarf bandeau yourself, simply fold your scarf over itself into a triangle shape and tie a double knot in the back. Style your bandeau as a beach cover up with some denim shorts, or at a summer festival for a bohemian look!  


Styling in the Hair 


Bid goodbye to bad hair days by incorporating a patterned or colorful scarf into your hairstyle. Hair scarves are a simple and easy way to elevate your look and add flair to what otherwise might be a simple, everyday look. 

The hair scarf trend that surged in the ‘60s is back, pioneered by Scandi street style and fashion it-girls. A simple way to achieve the look is by tying the scarf in a knot around the base of your bun or ponytail, close to your hair tie. Simply let the ends hang loose, or style the scarf in a bow!  

For a more preppy look, consider using a scarf as a headband. To do this, fold the scarf into a long, thin strip and tie it around your head, a few centimetres back from your hairline. You can leave the ends hanging loose or tuck them under the scarf for a more polished look.  


Fashioned Around a Bag 


If you want to elevate your look, without adding much to your outfit – fashion a scarf around your handbag instead!  

Adding a colorful or patterned silk scarf is both a simple and practical way to transform your bag into a statement piece. By choosing patterns and colors that accentuate features from your outfit, this element of simply styling can take your look to the next level.  

Show off your personality with a vibrant colored scarf, or keep things pared back and simple with a timeless pattern instead. Simply tie the scarf around your bag’s strap in a knot, or weave the scarf around your shoulder bag’s handle instead for an on-trend finish.  

Around the Neck 


And last but not least – we can't forget the ever-so-chic and timeless neck scarf! Enter your Emily in Paris era by experimenting with different neck-scarves in a range of patterns and colors to match your outfit.  

There are several different ways you can style your scarf, including the use of different knots. Our favorites include the Parisian and Infinity Knots that can be styled for different occasions. 


Try out the simple, Parisian knot by taking one end of your scarf, folding it under and through the scarf loop – pulling to tighten. This style is perfect for everyday wear, whereas the Infinity knot is created by folding the scarf in half, creating a loop and taking both ends through to create a knot.  

For more styling tips, head over to our Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, or visit our Scarf Collection to find the one for you!  

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