You have just had your ears pierced at a Lovisa store, you feel great!

Here’s the information you need to know:

Your ear has been pierced under hygienic conditions using pre-sterilized studs that are nickel compliant, stainless steel, gold plated or 14k gold. This should ensure your new piercings do not get infected.

However, even in the strictest of conditions, there is still a risk of infection. If attended to as suggested on this page, infections occur infrequently. Most issues arise when new piercings are not properly cared for.

Please read the entire list to ensure you are doing the best to keep your ears infection free, keeping in mind earlobe and cartilage piercings require different aftercare.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of infection and to help heal your piercing.


  • DO: Spray the front and back of your piercing with undiluted aftercare spray, two to three times daily.
  • DO: Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo, and other hair products away from the ear. After shampooing, ensure earlobes are rinsed free from excess soap and piercing specific aftercare spray is applied.
  • DO: Rotate any earrings in the earlobe in the shower with thoroughly clean, soap free hands. Ensure to spray ears upon exit of shower.
  • DO: Wait 6-8 weeks to change or remove an earlobe piercing (It is preferable to leave it for 6 months to promote a fully healed piercing.)


  • DO NOT: Touch, or let others others touch your piercing. Try to avoid knocking your piercing and take extra care when brushing hair, rough play, sports etc.
  • DO NOT: Use non-piercing specific treatments such as but not exclusive to; Dettol, alcohol based solutions, peroxides, disinfectants, soaps and tea tree oil.
  • DO NOT: Go swimming or submerge piercing until fully healed, contaminated water is likely to pose a risk of infection.
  • DO NOT: Share jewellery with friends or insert non-sterile jewellery.

    Please remember, piercing is inserting a foreign object into the body – redness may remain in the area up to 6 months. Be patient, any redness or infection will subside in time.

    Special Notes for cartilage piercings:

    • DO NOT: Change or remove piercing until the ear has fully healed. This takes a minimum of 12 weeks – Cartilage piercing can look healed on the surface but still be mending internally. It is advised to keep cleaning daily for a full year after piercing.
    • DO: Avoid sleeping on your piercing and try to sleep on your back to avoid irritation and abrasion.

      Cartilage piercings do not require rotating, it is recommended to restrict contact with them as much as possible.



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