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Aug 18 2022

Perfect and practical pieces for virtuous Virgos.
Move aside loveable lions, the rock of the zodiacs is here to have their moment– that’s right, you blinked and it’s already Virgo season.

Ruled by planet Mercury – Virgo season is all about channeling communication and balance. Known as the zodiac most likely to have their lives together, Virgos are teaching us a thing or two this season about prioritizing putting yourself first. If there was ever a time to stop procrastinating that thing you’ve been putting off, or finally bite the bullet on treating yourself to something special – Virgo season is the time for exactly that. 

Our fellow earth signs are a versatile and on-the-ball bunch who love to feel prepared and always look their best. So, in celebration of our fellow zodiac and their impeccable sense of chic, tasteful style, we’ve curated our go-to trends for all you versatile Virgos this season. 



Neutral tones are everywhere at the moment, and for good reason! These shades complement the warmth virtuous Virgos emulate and make timeless staples in any earth signs wardrobe.


From warm-toned browns to lighter shades of sand and beige, pieces featuring these neutrals pair well with just about anything – making them the perfect essentials in your jewelry collection. Keep things simple with a pair of two-toned, wooden drop earrings, or make a statement with some earth-toned diamante waterfall earrings!


Perfect and practical 

In desperate need of a spare scrunchie? Virgos always have your back. Accessorizing with an element of practicality is right up this earth sign's alley. 


Elevate your look this season with versatile pieces that both look cute and act practically too. From earth-toned hair clips, chic 90s claw clips and headbands to match – our fellow Virgos will never be short of functional, cute accent pieces. With a suite of staple accessories, you’ll be ready to pair your pieces perfectly (and practically) for any occasion.



Rose Gold Essentials 

Virgos are hard workers with a love and appreciation for quality – the beauty is in the details after all, and don’t Virgo just know it! These traits apply to all aspects of life for fellow Virgo, putting their heart and soul into not only their work, but relationships too.

To complement Virgo's appreciation to detail and love for quality – it only makes sense that their style follows suit! Detailed, dainty pieces crafted from genuine gold plating are forever pieces that can be worn all day, every day – ideal for this busy star sign. Opt for rose-gold essentials to complement Virgos warm and charismatic traits!



Pearls on Pearls

The resurgence of pearls is a trend to clutch onto! Pearl accessories are the perfect way to elevate any look and add a touch of timelessness that pairs perfectly with beloved and oh-so-poised Virgos.


They also make great, versatile pieces that can be paired with just about any jewelry staples. Keep things chic with some layered pearl necklaces and dainty studs, or let your pearls make more of a statement with some freshwater pearl drop earrings! Nothing say’s ‘I totally have my life together’ like a pearl on pearl look.


Another month, another zodiac! Explore our range of versatile, functional and uber-cute pieces this Virgo season here

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