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    Can I exchange items online?

    Items purchased online can be refunded through our online process. Visit our Returns & Exchanges page to begin your return. If you wish to exchange an item you purchased online you will need to do so at your closest Lovisa store when they reopen.

    What payment methods does Lovisa use?

    Lovisa accepts payment via Credit Card, PayPal and Klarna.

    Are there any added charges for using Credit Card?


    No, there are no surcharges or additional fees when paying via Credit Card.

    Why was my order partially refunded?

    While uncommon, from time to time we have an influx of customers all hoping to order the same item, we realise when attempting to fill these orders that unfortunately we can't fulfill them all.

    If you have received an email about your order being oversold, this means that we were, unfortunately, unable to fulfill your entire order or part of your order.

    When this happens, please be assured that your money has been refunded to your original payment method and can take anywhere from 3 - 5 business days to show back in your account.

    Once again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, this is the worst-case scenario

    Can I order over the phone?

    No, Lovisa cannot process orders or payments via phone.

    Can I place a bulk purchase order?

    To inquire about a bulk purchase order please contact our Support Team at or use our Live Chat. Unfortunately, wholesale orders are unavailable at this time. 

    I haven’t received my order confirmation email.

    If you do not receive your order confirmation email after 30 minutes please contact our Customer Service Team on

    Can I make changes to my order?

    Unfortunately, once check out is complete and your order has been confirmed we are unable to make any amendments. If you have any concerns please contact us via the Contact Us page on our website or our Live Chat.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Our team cannot guarantee amendments or cancellations to your order, however if you have just placed your order you can contact our Support Team at and we will assist as best we can.

    My item(s) is wrong, damaged or missing.

    Ensure you check your items against your order confirmation. If you have received the wrong item, your item is damaged or there is an item missing, please contact our Support Team at


  • How long does delivery take?

    Lovisa offers tracked and untracked shipping options to American addresses, please see approximate delivery times at our Shipping & Delivery page.

    Does Lovisa ship internationally?

    Lovisa does not currently ship outside of America. However, we have stores all around the world! Use our Store Finder to see where all of our stores are located when they reopen.

    My online order hasn’t arrived yet.

    We use USPS for the delivery of online purchases. If you have any queries in regard to the whereabouts of your parcel, you can track your item through USPS using your tracking number.

    Do you require a home address for delivery?

    USPS deliver to home, work and P.O addresses. If you are using a work address please ensure you include any delivery details so the courier can find your location easily, e.g. company name, street of entrance, level number.

    How do I know if my order has been dispatched?

    We use USPS to deliver all online orders. Once your parcel has been collected and scanned by USPS you will receive an email notification. Regular delivery updates will follow after that.

  • Can I return products purchased online?

    Absolutely! If you change your mind you may return product with the original receipt. Without your receipt we will happily exchange in store. For further information please contact our Customer Support Team at

    Do I need to return my product to the same store I purchased it from?

    No, you do not need to return to the same store for Change of Mind or Faulty returns. You are welcome to take your item back to any Lovisa store for a refund or exchange, in line with the Lovisa Returns Policy.

    Do I need my receipt to return an item?

    Lovisa requires your proof of purchase/online order confirmation to refund you. This applies in the case of change of mind or faulty returns. Without proof of purchase we are unable to offer a refund. If you no longer have your receipt you are welcome to exchange for an item of equal or lesser value. For change of mind, your item will need be in original condition, unworn with tags attached.

    I want to return my item but do not live near a Lovisa store, what can I do?

    If you purchased an item in store but are unable to visit us anytime soon, you can return the item through our online returns process, just get in contact with as at so we can assist with your return!

    Can I return my online order to a Lovisa store?

    Not presently whilst our stores are closed. You normally can return your online order in any Lovisa store in the country of purchase, provided you have your order confirmation as proof of purchase. You can also return your in-store purchases through our online returns process for a small fee.

    Can I return an item purchased with a gift card?

    We do not offer refunds on items purchased via gift card. If you have changed your mind or your item is faulty you can exchange the item in store.

    Can I return a gift card?

    We do not offer refunds or exchanges on gift cards. The gift card must be redeemed in store or online.

  • I can’t find the product I want online.

    If you can’t find the product you want online you can contact your closest store to check stock levels. You can find store numbers on our website using our Store Finder!

    How can I best take care of my items?

    Our fashion jewelry ranges are made of alloy and then plated for color. We advise you not to wear your fashion jewelry in water, when using cleaning products, lotions or perfumes. These chemicals can cause tarnishing. We also offer polishing cloths in-store and online. For further details please see our Love & Care page!

    Are your products Nickel free?

    All Lovisa jewelry has a Nickel release rate less than, or equal to, 0.5 micrograms per square centimeter, per week. Under REACH regulations our jewelry is compliant due to low Nickel content.

    Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

    Whilst still meeting the REACH regulations, our "Hypoallergenic" labeled items do not have mixed metal plating on the post, which sensitive ears can react to. It is unlikely to cause a reaction however, we do recommend those with sensitive skin to use our Sterling Silver, Surgical Steel and Titanium jewelry. These are the kindest to skin as they are a pure metal with a low mix of other alloys.

    Is your Sterling Silver genuine?

    All Lovisa Sterling Silver is certified and tested to meet the true fineness of 92.5% pure silver. Please note Sterling silver is still an alloy and 7.5% will be made of other elements. This collection should be avoided if you are allergic to Copper. All earring posts in the Sterling Silver collection are certified 925 Sterling Silver and are suitable for piercings.

    How do I know if the item will fit?

    At Lovisa we try our best to accommodate for all customers and create comfortable products! Each item should detail individual measurements. For further clarification, you can view our Size Guide to ensure you’re buying the best fit for you.

  • Where can I purchase a Lovisa Gift Card?

    Gift Cards can only be purchased and redeemed in-store and only in the country of purchase.

    How does the e-Gift Card work?

    Simply purchase an e-Gift Card online, enter the relevant details, and this e-Gift Card will be sent via email to the recipient. Inside the email will contain instructions on how to redeem, alongside a gift card number and PIN.

    Where can e-Gift Cards be redeemed?

    Lovisa e-Gift Cards can be redeemed online or at any of our American store locations and are delivered to you via email. 

    Can I purchase an e-Gift Card for someone else if I live internationally?

    You may purchase an e-Gift Card from anywhere in the world, provided the recipient has an American address.

    I've ordered a gift card online but I haven't received it?

    Please check your junk and spam inboxes first. If you are still having trouble finding it, let us know! You can talk to us via live chat or by sending an email to

  • How can I get stock information on jewelry I want to purchase?

    Our Customer Support Team are here to help! For any in-store or online product inquiries please contact our Customer Service Team at our Contact Us page. If you have a photo of the item you are enquiring about please attach it so we can assist you as best we can!

    Do you offer franchising opportunities? 

    Lovisa owns and operates more than 400 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, France, Spain, USA & UK. We do not offer franchise opportunities in these territories.

    If you have an irresistible and compelling option to discuss within other countries around the world and are interested in being considered for a Lovisa franchise, please email

    How can I work with Lovisa?

    Apply today! If you are interested in working with Lovisa you can search for current opportunities at our careers page.

    What is the best way to contact Lovisa?

    Our team work to be available as often as possible. If you would like a Lovisa representative to contact you send us an email at our Contact Us page.

    How do I unsubscribe from Lovisa?

    Easy! There is a button to unsubscribe at the bottom of all emails sent by Lovisa. Click this button and follow the instructions!

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