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Posted on February 26 2018

Bigger and better than ever, the hoop trend has made a major comeback!

Oh so effortlessly, style icons have taken this stylish accessory to the streets and we are ready to round up our look with this must have revival! 

Whatever the occasion, we have the hoops you are looking for and the best part about it... they come in all shapes and sizes!


1. 12CM LARGE HOOP (50611621)  2. LARGE SQUARE HOOP (50833610) 3. LARGE TWIST HOOP (50835010) 4. ROPE TWIST DROP HOOP (50855070) 5. LARGE BAMBOO HOOP (50834990) 6.CIRCLE BAR STATEMENT HOOP (50616671)  7.BUSHED TUBE HOOP (50826476) 8. LARGE LOVE HEART HOOP (50826384) 9. ROUNDED 4.5CM HOOP EARRING (50779291)

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