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Sep 19 2022

A recap on Spring/Summer 2023 fashion week


It’s officially fashion show season, but we didn’t have to tell you that! If you’re anything like us, this season’s Spring/Summer 2023 collections have been near inescapable on your Instagram and TikTok feeds.  

From Anne Hathaway’s IRL Devil Wears Prada run-in, to Lil Nas X’s Vogue World Performance at New York Fashion Week, and the kickoff of London Fashion Week – our Style Correspondents have curated a collection of the top moments and trends from this year's runways. So, let's get into it! 


New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of the most anticipated annual fashion events featuring over 100 coveted designers and brands – and this year’s Spring/Summer 2023 line up certainly lived up to expectations!  

This year's Fendi show paid tribute to the iconic Fendi Baguette bag, marking 25 years of the iconic style beloved throughout pop culture. Like a wise Carrie Bradshaw once said, ‘It’s not (just) a bag, it’s a Baguette.’  


As well as an emphasis on the baguette silhouette, lime green and pops of lilac colored the catwalk giving us a peek at this season's soon-to-be trending colors. Keep your eye out for the Pantone shade ‘Love Bird’ this season, as well as vibrant shades of lime.

Bonus points to all you hat enthusiasts out there, this season’s Fendi resort show featured everything from satin headbands and caps, to oversized bucket hats. So, you know what that means — hair accessories are a must!




Coach’s runway show at NYFW debuted the brand’s new Creative Director, Stuart Vevers. The opening of the show was overtly nostalgic and notably American — painting a picture of a dazed New York City boardwalk at sunset (talk about dreamy)


This Spring/Summer collection was heavily inspired by American pop culture and heritage. We’re talking structured denim, patchwork trench coats, messenger bags and football-inspired jerseys. Basically, if John Hughes directed a runway – this would be it.   

It also wouldn't be a Coach recap without mentioning Lil Nas X, the highly anticipated new Coach brand ambassador who closed the show in an all-out leather number. 


Give your look an all-American edge this season with beaded, tassle and leather accents. 




In line with the recent color-blocking and 'discovering your aura' trend on TikTok, Marni has taken saturated color to a whole new level. 


Inspired by the sun and all its glory, shades of red, orange and yellow were the staple of Marni’s ready-to-wear collection – from vibrant maxi dresses, long sleeves, organic crochet pieces and leather trench coats. We can't get enough of Creative Director Francesco Risso's spin on dressing for your own unique style. 

So, this season – style your pieces with your own personal touch and paint your look with your own radiant spin. 


Poster Girl  


We’re all here for the idea of channelling your inner muse, and that was exactly the inspiration behind Poster Girl’s Spring/Summer 23 collection. The brand, beloved by celebs like Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner showed off its Y2K inspired collection at London Fashion Week. 


Featuring denim miniskirts, knee-high boots and a whole lot of rhinestones – this collection designed by Francesca Capper and Natasha Sommerville is all about feminine power and we have one word for it. Obsessed.   

Sticking with the Y2K theme, look out for bedazzled accessories, vibrant pastels and a whole lot of bling this season. 



Recreate these fashion week trends for yourself using your favourite Lovisa pieces and hashtag #MyLovisaStyle. We can't wait to see them! 







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