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Jan 23 2023

Curate the ultimate ear stack with these styling tips 

Much like fashion trends, different jewelry styles can differ from season to season. So, what can we expect to see in the jewelry and piercing space for 2023? We’ve scoured the runway and researched celebrity styling trends to bring you the latest in piercing fashion for the year ahead.    

Whether you’re an avid piercing lover, or just starting out – read our guide on how to elevate your piercing game and experiment with new accessories this season.   

The Septum Piercing   


Septum piercings have been a popular body accessory for many years, first gaining traction in the ‘90s with leading designers like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood pioneering the piercing on the runway, aiding with its influence into the mainstream.  

From the oversized statement hoop seen on Kate Moss as part of Westwood's Fall 1995 show, to McQueen’s avant-garde influence on the brand Givenchy in the late ‘90s, these displays of modern styling have influenced popular piercing choices today.  


Styling Septum Piercings   


Septum rings are a common and popular piercing choice, with celebrities like Florence Pugh and FKA Twigs sporting the trend not just day to day, but for more formal occasions like red carpets too!   

Popular styles of septum piercings include ‘horseshoe’ shapes and circular 'clicker' rings, which are more traditional styles of nose piercings. In addition to these common septum styles, circular barbell hoops are an industrial-style option that has gained popularity in recent years for their versatility and ‘alternative’ appearance.   

While these more traditional styles of septum jewelry have become a popular styling choice, this season statement accessories are taking the floor. Experiment with embellished, statement pieces to add some flair to your piercing basics and gravitate towards jewelry with unique features. Style our Surgical Steel Statement Chain Septum Ring for a unique, on-trend look – or explore our Nose Piercing range for more!    


Maximalist Ear Stacks  


Curated ear stacks, or the layering of numerous earrings, have grown in popularity as an on-trend styling choice. The beauty of this trend is that you can customise your stack to suit any occasion by experimenting with earrings featuring different shapes, sizes and embellishments.   

This year, opt for a more is more approach by curating your ear look with complementing hoops, studs and piercings for a maximalist look. Search for pieces with unique and consistent embellishments, like cubic zirconia crystals, pearls or gemstones for a personalised, cohesive look.  


Statement Stacks  


If you want to elevate your everyday ear stack, experiment with a pair of statement drop earrings styled with some complementary ear cuffs and vines for a dramatic effect. By pairing your statement earrings with some accent accessories and piercing jewelry, you can create a layered effect that will make your statement earrings pop.  

Opt for simple accent studs like Zoe Kravitz to complement a pair of diamond simulant teardrop statement earrings or try styling a maximalist look like Billie Eilish with some crystal ear vines and tiered statement earrings.  


Trending Ear Piercing Placements  


Long gone are the days of just having first and second ear piercings - versatile styling and alternative piercing trends have made way for experimental piercing placements, like the helix, conch, and tragus! Here is how to style these three popular placements this season.  


Helix piercings, known as the piercing location on the ear’s upper cartilage, are one of the most common piercing placements next to standard lobe piercings. This is a great placement to accessorize with some simple gemstone or cubic zirconia flatback studs.


Tragus piercings are located in the small protuberance in the front of the ear canal. This is a great placement to style some simple studs, or a small clicker ring for an understated look. Add a unique touch to your tragus piercing with some crystal embellished pieces in varying shapes. 



Conch piercings are located on the outer cartridge of the ear, close to traditional lobe piercings and cuff's the outside rim of the ear. This location is becoming a more popular piercing choice that can be styled with dainty huggie hoops and clicker rings for an on-trend look.  


Style your piercing placements with our collection of versatile Body Jewelry and Piercings and perfect your look for the season! Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your Lovisa looks using the hashtag #MyLovisaStyle over on our Instagram and TikTok.   


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