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Nov 08 2023

Festive pieces for the holidays   

The festive season is upon us, which means we can finally dust off our decorations and start channeling the holiday spirit into our everyday outfits!  

To help you transition into the festive season, we’ve curated a list of some of our favourite Christmas accessories – perfect to wear during party season or gift to your friends and family.  

Classic Christmas Earrings


If you're as enthusiastic about the holiday season as we are, chances are your Christmas tree has been twinkling since early November -- which leaves just one thing left to do, extend that spirit to your wardrobe!  

Embrace the holiday cheer with our collection of fun and festive accessories. Discover our wide range of limited-edition Christmas jewelry, including statement earrings adorned with Santa, reindeer, baubles, and so much more.  

Whether you want to make a statement during the holidays with a pair of Gold Pearl Santa Drop Earrings or want to celebrate the holidays with more subtle festive accessories, like our Christmas stud earring packs, it’s never too early to deck the halls (and your look)!  


Cute Christmas Accessories  


Want to get creative with your Christmas accessories instead? We have just the thing. Discover our collection of festive and fun accessories adorned with adorable motifs. 

If you’re an animal lover, don’t miss out on our bestselling Corgi and Black Cat Christmas Drop Earrings – perfect for your family Santa photos with your furry friends.  

For a playful finish to your holiday outfits, decorate your look with novelty earrings like our Christmas Avocado Earrings or Light Up Cactus Christmas Earrings and show off your personality.  

Discover our entire collection of compliment worthy, novelty Christmas earrings here for more.  


Christmas Nail Art  


Experimenting with your nail art is an impactful and fun way to channel your love for the holidays! Get into the spirit of Christmas with our collection of bestselling Press on Nails designed with new festive designs, perfect for upcoming holiday parties and events. 

Our Christmas Press on Nails are self-adhesive and easy to apply, so you don’t have to worry about booking an appointment at the salon during the busiest time of year. 

Apply your set of festive nails by ensuring your natural nail is clean, dry and free of any nail polish. Then, sort through your pack of press on nails, finding a size that best suits each finger. Once you’ve found your match, simply press the acrylic firmly down and hold it in place. The adhesive on the back of the press-on will adhere with ease, no glue required!    

Discover our range of nail designs for the holidays here, including our pink and red gingerbread press ons for a pop of color or our almond-shaped snowflake nails for a subtle festive finish to your look.  


Festive Face Jewels  


Complete your holiday ensemble with our standout Christmas face jewels and stickers, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and festivity to your look. 

Face stickers and gems are an exciting way to add interest to your outfit! Whether you want to highlight your holiday makeup or just want to add detail to your outfit, discover our range of versatile gems for a creative finish to your holiday outfit. 

For an unexpected pop of colour, style our festive face jewels in red, green and silver or accent your eye makeup with our Christmas Tree Face Stickers for a novelty finish.  

All our face gems and stickers feature a self-adhesive back and are skin-safe, allowing you to style them with confidence. Explore our entire range of festive adornments and add flair to your holiday outfits. 



Holiday Hair Accessories  


Get ready to take your look to the next level with our collection of holiday hair pieces. Elevate your hairstyle with our selection of festive hair accessories, perfect for adding a magical finish to your outfit!  

From glittering headbands adorned with tinsel and baubles, Santa hat headbands and whimsical reindeer hair clips adorned with florals, we have something to suit all styles. 

Whether you're opting for a slicked-back hairstyle adorned with festive hair clips or letting your hair down with an elaborate holiday headband, these accessories will help you make a memorable entrance to your next Christmas soiree. 

Add a touch of enchantment to your ensemble and discover our entire collection of holiday hair accessories here for more.  


There you have it, fun and festive accessories for the holiday season! Head to our Christmas Collection here for more seasonal accessories. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your holiday looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa. 

Searching for the ultimate Christmas gifts?

Discover our Lovisa Christmas Gift Guide here and discover gift-ready pieces to suit all budgets.  
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