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Oct 30 2022

Premium pieces for the festive season  

Finding the perfect gift during the festive season can often come with bounds of pressure. But don’t let the countdown to the holidays stress you out – finding a sentimental and special gift for your loved ones doesn’t need to be complicated.   

We’ve curated some of our bestselling and premium collections to help make finding that ‘something special’ for the holidays simple. From dazzling statement pieces from our Festive Edit, to signature staples that will last a lifetime – Lovisa is a destination for gifts to be remembered.  

Thoughtful Gifts


Fine jewelry pieces crafted with rhinestones make special and meaningful gifts. Afterall, what's not to love about a bit of sparkle?   

Treat your loved ones to premium accessories from our Thoughtful Gifts collection and earn your title as 'The Ultimate Gift Giver’ this festive season.  

Fine jewelry pieces from this collection are crafted with premium diamond simulants, renowned for having the same cut and clarity as crystals triple their price. Choose from a pair of diamante drop earrings, a statement necklace, everyday bracelet – or gift it all with a Diamond Simulant jewelry set.



Cubic Zirconia 


For gifts that say ‘I love you’ - opt for a glamorous statement piece from our Cubic Zirconia collection. Make a memorable impression this festive season with premium pieces crafted with quality, cubic zirconia crystals – the perfect present for trendsetters.   

Premium accessories from our Cubic Zirconia jewelry collection are designed with a chic, timelessness that adds a touch of elegance to any look. From fine rings with subtle crystal embellishments, to standout statement necklaces for star-studded glamour – this collection has the right amount of sparkle for all occasions. Surprise your loved ones with a crystal statement necklace, timeless bracelet, or standout ring this Christmas.




Premium Practical Pieces

If your loved one isn’t a jewelry lover, or you’re on the lookout for an alternative to suit your practical friends and family members – opt for a Lovisa watch 

Gift your loved ones a practical piece they can sport on the daily with a quality wristwatch in a range of different colours and styles. Choose from a chic, rhodium-toned watch with a roman face – or a watch encrusted with crystal embellishments for a touch of glamour. Plus, pieces from our Lovisa Watch collection come wrapped and ready in their own gift box!   


Spoil your loved ones with a Lovisa gift card 


Often, the gifts that mean the most are the ones that allow us to splurge on ourselves. If you're searching for the perfect gift this festive season but are not quite sure what to get your loved one — treat them to a shopping spree instead! 

Choose a Lovisa gift card with a value of your choosing over on our gift card portal and give your nearest and dearest the gift of choice this season.

Explore our collection of premium gifts 

Looking for more gift-spiration in the lead up to the festive season? Explore our premium Thoughtful Gifts, Cubic Zirconia and Practical collections and nail the brief for Christmas. 

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