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Sensitive Ears

The Lovisa Sensitive Ears Collection encompasses both trendy and classic pieces in a range that is gentle on ears and designed for those with sensitive skin.

In this collection, earrings and studs are made with surgical steel and titanium. These are premium, durable materials recommended for those with sensitive ears.

Designs in this collection are classic, with trend-based embellishments. Cross, heart and lightning-bolt motifs feature, as well as brightly colored diamantes in our birthstone pieces. Gold pieces in this range are plated with genuine 24 carat gold for maximum brilliance and luster.

Lovisa is confident your ears will love the Sensitive Ears Collection. However, we offer an 100% money-back guarantee on any earrings from the Sensitive Ears Collection should they cause irritation.

Shop the Sensitive Ears Collection, your ears will thank you!

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