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Posted on March 26 2018

Many soon to be brides crave originality, racking their brains through the wedding planning process on how they will wow the crowd once those doors are open and all eyes are on them. 

We understand, when following the traditional brides' checklist, making a style statement isn't easy. 

You have the standard outfit checklist: 

- White Dress
- Veil 
- Shoes

Why not add something extra?

Number one STYLE TIP for the modern bride: Your ring doesn’t have to be the only bling! 

If you're looking to take that extra step with your bride style, here are 5 additional items to think about when writing your wedding checklist:


1. Bridal Brooch: This can be used by clipping onto the top left of your outfit or using one to gather the skirt of your dress showing a little extra leg, and of course making life easier when getting around. You wouldn’t want your dress dragging all night!
2. Bridal Hair Accessories: Shine bright even without your veil bling. Hair clips and headbands have replaced bobby pins and our latest range of head sashes may also be used as a belt to embellish your dress! Our collection of hair accessories in store feels endless and the hardest part about it is choosing which style to go with! 

3. Bridal Ear Cuffs & Statement Studs: The traditional bride usually goes for the drop earring. Be bold and different with an ear cuff or statement studs, perfectly paired with almost any hairstyle!

4. Bridal Hand Chains: Too much is never enough, so why not draw a little more attention to your rock with some extra hand candy! 

5. Bridal Shoe Clips: Yas! Now we have shoe embellishment and boy does this make all of the difference. There is no need to go above and beyond trying to find the perfect, original pair of shoes. Now you can just bling your own! 

. Ear Cuff (50479405) 2.  Statement Heart Earring (50866441) 3. Shoe Clip (50836796) 4. Head Sash (50852673) Head Sash (50852659)

5. Brooch (50827459) 6.  Bride Headband (50850211) 7. Hand Chain (50825677) 8. Statement Studs (50330461)

Ladies, the brainstorming session is over as we have everything you need in creating that edgy,

fashion-forward touch to your #BRIDESTYLE


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