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Posted on April 26 2018

After examination, we are excited to announce the latest style equation! 

Here, we share the inside scoop on when, how and why global icons such as the Jenners, Rhianna and the Hadid sisters have helped create a new era of style!

We feel a little déjà vu coming on!

It all began with the bold and beautiful 1980’s. Equally loved and hated, the 1980's introduced thick eyebrows, bold shoulders and elaborate accessories. Each detailed element building the well-known decade of style. 

The 1990’s embraced the ultimate contrast! Many feeling grateful the flashy expressions were over, minimalist fashion took hold globally.

It wasn't too long before this variance was dismissed and the 1990’s alternative looks ranked poorly within the lifespan of style.

The opinion of the two eras differs, although the full global attention to both remains the same.

It’s quite simple... See our favourite celebrity influences merging the two sister decades together.

We are calling this trend the finest and funkiest style of all time!

1. Gold Chain Necklace (50873739), 2. Cluster Stone Statement Earring (50866649) 3. Circle Drop Earring (50866540) 4. Bamboo Hoop Earring (5083490)

5. Multi Black & Gold Coin Chain (50873814)  6. Thread Wrap Earring (50853694) 7. Cross Gold Hoop (50873760) 

The streets are filling up with heavy gold layers, bright fabrics, sequins and blocks of neon. We're thriving on this modern twist!

Basically, mix your minimums with your maximums and find a store.

We have everything you need to achieve and complete this style update.

The Lovisa "Street Styler" updating her look with the latest "Multi Jewel Drop Earring". 


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