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Posted on May 28 2018

We are excited to launch Lovisa L.

This luxury range features both Diamond Simulant stones and Swarovski crystals.


The sleek black packaging offsets the major sparkle of our Diamond Simulant stones.

Our Swarovski Elements range is showcased in stunning white gift boxes.



 Diamond Simulants are flawless.

Cut exactly like a diamond, they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.


Genuine Swarovski stones, imported from Austria, are cut with more facets than other types of crystal to provide maximum sparkle. 



Each Swarovski item has a unique code, found below the Swarovski seal on the authenticity sticker.

Head to the official Swarovski website: CRYSTALS-FROM-SWAROVSKI.COM to verify the authenticity of your purchase. 



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