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Posted on May 17 2018

It's officially set in stone, The Met Gala is the most exciting and influential fashion event of the year.

Here's the low down on the trending #METHEAVENLYBODIES and how you can recreate these looks with Lovisa. 

Hair Bling

1. (50840359) 2. (50854783) 3. (50713240) 4. (50733774)

If you are craving a grand entrance at your next event's - finish your look with a statement headpiece! 

Kate Upton looked absolutely radiant in her heavily jewelled veil which was the key feature of her outfit.

Our Hair Accessories Range captures everything from goddess vibes to a dark romance feel.

Featuring detailed metals, jewelled crowns, trending turbans, just to name a few.

Go on wear the crown!


Ear Embellishment

1. (50874699) 2. (50874767) 3. (50874767) 4. (50874743) 5. (50874750) 6. (50874774)

Emilia Clarke gets our vote and we have the perfect range to match her look! 

 Our collection of statement earrings now includes beautiful mixed jewel tones. 

The Multi Gem Hoop (1.) is without doubt, a favourite.


Shining Armour

1. (50875634) 2. (50875658) 3. (5024523) 4. (50703920)  5. (50851379)

Another trend you should definitely try is twin cuffs - Solange knows what we are talking about and Blake Lively, your bracelet stacking is on point. 

Stack up your gold metal bangles, mix up your chains and charms!


Hand Candy

1. (50822546) 2. (50796427) 3. (50652570) 4. (50872701)  5. (50652747) 

LOVE IT SELENA! Mega-rings - in fashion and in store. Size matters with the latest (and quite frankly, the greatest) ring trend.

Our ‘Gold Statement Stone Claw Ring’ is a favourite.

This blue stone style features thick edging and diamante claw-like detailing,

oozing early twentieth century vibes.

Traditionally, one statement ring would be enough,

now you can take this trend with both hands... 


Embellish your heavenly body with deep gems, bold florals and celestial metals! 

Next step...


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